How to get a license


Licenses and Prices

Access to RAMMS is controlled by a personal use license. Personal use licenses are time limited licenses tied to a single personal computer. This method of licensing requires a machine’s unique host ID to be incorporated into a license request file (see FAQ’s for how to create a license request file).

Alternatively, the license can be installed on a Windows Server and accessed by different users (only one at a time) by RDC (Remote Desktop Connection). This only works for one license per module.

Discounts are included in the calculation of the license period prices. Longer license periods include more discount.

Additional licenses:

  • If you buy more than one license together, we grant an “Additional License Discount” of 25% on the cheaper additional license (only for “Full” licenses).
  • If you buy a new license, and you still have a running license (at least valid for 1 more month), we grant a “Running License Discount” of 10% on the new license. In this case, please get in contact with us prior to ordering the new license.

Three modules and more: 

  • If you purchase three modules or more, a discount of 25% is applied to all licenses.

Educational license (Campus license):

  • Universities and accredited educational institutes get a discount of 50%. Additional student licenses for lectures or theses are provided for free.
  • You must first create an account. We will then check whether you are entitled to a price reduction for an educational licence. If your account is approved, you can log in and buy licences in the shop. You will then automatically receive the discount for educational institutions.

If you are a student, and you want to use RAMMS for your Bachelor- or Master-thesis (for up to 1 year), and your Professor does not have a Campus-license, please order your licence using our form.

If you want to try out a RAMMS module (for 2 weeks), you can order a demo licence.

You should do the following steps prior to ordering any license:

  1. Please download (see module pages) and install RAMMS on your PC/laptop.
  2. Start RAMMS for the first time and create your license request file (see FAQ’s).

You can find more information about prices on the shop-page.

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